Please read what our valued clients have to say


“In Spring of 2010, I developed anxiety issues and panic attacks. I was unable to drive my car which compounded the problem as driving is a large part of my marketing career responsibility. My husband drove me to my appointments. I visited my doctor on a few occasions and after medication did not resolve the anxiety, she suggested I see Dr. Oren for hypnosis. I am happy to say that after the first session I was able to drive without an issue. After two sessions my anxiety level returned to normal. Dr. Oren also provided me with tools that I could use on my own whenever needed. I would recommend Dr. Ore to anyone..”
Pam, Phoenix

“I started smoking cigarettes at the age of 13. I smoked a pack a day for 20 years. In 2007, I went to see Dr. Oren for hypnosis. I had a total of 6 sessions and I quit smoking . I have been free of nicotine addiction for 5 years. What is amazing is that I do not feel any craving.”
Colleen, Chandler

I was originally referred to you by my friend, which you had seen in 2014 for hypnosis. We are both competitive swimmer. My friend developed a fear of inserting her head in the water, which consequently impacted her ability to win a swimming race. She came to you only ONCE, and her problem was resolved. A few months ago, I had developed the same problem. My friend suggested that I see you. Yes, I had seen you only once and my problem was resolved. Thank you so much for making it possible for me to achieve my pick performance and continue my passion as a swimmer
Julie, Gilbert

Thank you so much for helping my daughter! Eva was enthusiastic about her cheerleading until the big convention in Anaheim. She fell down, and became very scared about continuing cheerleading, which she loves. I, as a mother, tried to convince her that maybe it is time to let go of the cheerleading and focus on another sports. Eva heard about you from her friend that you had seen in the past. You helped her friend overcome her fear of doing gymnastics after she fell down off the beams. My daughter had seen you four times, and I am happy to report that she is back enjoying being a cheerleader.
Karen, Eva’s mother, Tempe

Thank you so much for saving our marriage! Between my busy schedule as a professional woman and a mother to 4 year old boy, our intimacy and sexuality was not rewarding, to say the least! As a result of the hypnosis sessions and your emphasis on the importance of “Taking time for Love as the best stress reliever,” I became mindful of my sensory perception. I have to confess, that even in the bedroom, I found myself making my “endless to do” list. I was living in my head, rather than being aware of my body. I did not realize that in the process I was depriving myself and my husband from the gift of pleasure. Thank You! We were able to resurrect our marriage. Now we are again, best friends and lovers.
Annet, Scottsdale

“My daughter was a competitive gymnast who travelled around the country for her meets. She suffered an injury which sidelined her for 6 weeks. After her recovery, she developed a mental block during tumbling requirements. After only one session of hypnosis with Dr. Oren, she broke through this mental block and phobia, and my daughter went on to perform competitively for two additional seasons, and won a championship! Today she looks forward to a college cheer scholarship. Thank you Dr. Oren”
Kathy, Gilbert

“In 2011, I started working with Dr. Oren for weight reduction and stress management. Due to the ongoing layoffs at my work, my stress level was very high and being the emotional eater that I am, I gained additional 30 lb. When I started working with Dr. Oren, I weight 320 LB. Dr. Oren, diagnosed me as a good hypnotic patient. I saw Dr. Oren for hypnosis and counseling. In addition, I had purchased a CD from Dr. Oren on Hypnosis and Weigh Reduction, which I had listened daily for over a year. Consequently, after using the same CD for so many hours, I could not hear adequately Dr. Oren’s hypnotic induction. She had replaced my CD, with a new CD for free and I am happy to report that I have lost over 100lbs and did not lose my job. Dr. Oren has been my angel."
Eric, Mesa

“Dear Dr. Oren, I am the mother of Joseph. He had an appointment with you last Friday for hypnosis. He really enjoyed your session and seemed very relaxed after. Actually, he slept through the night for the first time in two years. We have been seeking medical help for him for the past five years, with no answer. He has become dependent on pain medication, due to his stomach problems. He has been unable to eat much over the past few month. After his appointment with you, he has been devouring food! I am sure he has been longing to eat; especially as a 20 year old. Thank you so much for your work, this is the first real ray of hope we have had in a long time.”
Elizabeth, Phoenix